.22 Konverter Kit
Custom Gunsmithing

The .22 Konversion Kit is for the
1858 Remington New Model Army .44

(This .22 Kit can be used in either BRASS or STEEL frame revolvers)

  • Fire .22 Cartridges from your 1858 Remington Army
  • Instantly converts your .44 Cap & Ball to .22 Rimfire
  • Shoot more for less money, make loading easier and faster
  • Pays for itself in the money you save in ammunition cost
  • 2-3/8" barrel adapter is accurate at 50 foot target range
  • Convert from Cap & Ball by just slipping in the .22 Kit
  • Switch back to Cap & Ball by reinstalling the .44 cylinder
  • You can also buy our .45 Colt Konverter for the '58 Army
.22 Konverter Installed


  1. Place the hammer to the half-cocked position and remove the percussion cylinder.
  2. Insert the .22 Rimfire Barrel Adapter into the breech of the revolver barrel.
  3. Load the Cylinder with 5 cartridges, place the Konverter™ Ring on the Cylinder and carefully install the Konverter™ assembly in the revolver with the firing pin at the 12 o'clock position, inline with the hammer nose.
  4. Align the empty chamber under the hammer and carefully let the hammer down on the empty (safety) chamber.
  5. Always carry the revolver with the hammer down on an empty chamber.
.22 Konversion Kit
Minor fitting may be needed, detailed instructions included with each kit.