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The .44 caliber percussion revolver barrel
is actually .45 caliber as its bore dimensions are the same as the present day .45 caliber at a nominal .451 inch diameter. Therefore the barrel of your .44 caliber percussion revolver will handily accept lead bullets in the 45 Colt and 45 ACP cartridges.

The .36 caliber percussion revolver barrelhas a bore diameter of .375 inches. Today’s .38 caliber bullets are .357-inch diameter bullets. To attain best accuracy with a .38 caliber cartridge, in your reproduction Navy revolver, you must shoot a soft lead, .38 caliber, hollow base bullet, or .38 caliber, heeled bullet. The soft lead hollow base bullet will “bump up” to the .375-inch bore diameter and shoot very accurately.

Ammunition: The Kirst Konverter™ is designed to be used in steel framed revolvers with black powder or equivalent cartridges, ‘Cowboy Loads’, as provided by manufacturers such as: Ten-X, Black Hills, Ultra Max, 3D, PMC, Zero, Winchester, Cabela’s. Cowboy ammunition must, by SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) definition, be loaded with lead bullets with a low-pressure, powder charge that DOES NOT EXCEED 1000 FEET PER SECOND VELOCITY.

Caution: NOT FOR USE IN BRASS FRAME REVOLVERS! .44 and .45 caliber cylinders must NEVER BE INSTALLED IN A .36 caliber revolver!