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for Ruger Old Army®

The Kirst Cartridge Konverter™ for the
the Ruger Old Army®

Ruger Old Army

Ruger Old Army 2

Ruger Old Army 3

Convert your Ruger Old Army® and keep the same high caliber of accuracy.

Fortunately the .44 caliber cap & ball revolver barrel has the same bore as a present day .45 caliber center fire revolver. The Ruger Old Army® bore diameter is actually .452" nominal, which is the same as the .45 Long Colt bore. Therefore the barrel of your .44 caliber cap & ball revolver (Ruger Old Army® or '58 Remington replicas) will accurately shoot .45 Long Colt / .45 Schofield lead bullets.

Although for shooting cap & ball rounds in the Ruger Old Army®; Ruger recommends using a .457" diameter ball to achieve a better chamber mouth seal and improve accuracy. The greater force that is required to seat the larger diameter ball is easily handled by the sturdy loading lever on the robust Ruger Old Army®.

  • It's like having two guns in one!
  • Converts to .45 LC/.45 Schofield
  • No gunsmithing or F.F.L. required
  • Blued or Stainless Steel to match your revolver
  • Lifetime "No B.S." warranty