1860 Colt Army cartridge converters for Colt and Italian made replicas

1860 Colt Army

The 1860 Army Kirst Cartridge Konverter® is made for Pietta and Uberti replica revolvers. The 1860 Kirst Konverter® was designed with safety notches between chambers so you can safely carry five rounds of .45 LC and .45 Schofield, or .45 ACP ammo, plus it is SASS legal for Cowboy Action Shooting matches. Once converted, the 1860 Army can fire Standard Pressure and Cowboy Action ammo in .45 LC and .45 Schofield, or .45 ACP. No F.F.L. paperwork is required to purchase a Kirst Konverter. Note: The use of jacketed ammo may cause slightly more wear to the bore of the barrel than using lead bullets. Don’t use +P ammo or any other high-pressure ammunition.

(The SAAMI specification for overall length, for the .45 Colt, is 1.600 inch. The longest OAL that 1860 Pietta cylinder will accept is 1.58 inch and the 1860 Uberti cylinder is 1.53 inch. Some modern Cowboy Action Shooting ammunition may fit.)

All Kirst Konverters carry a lifetime "No B.S." warranty, plus they are made with pride in the good, old U.S.A.

The 1860 Army Kirst Cartridge Konverter™ also works in the 1851 .44 Caliber Colt Navy and the Dance Brothers revolver made by Pietta.

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1851 Colt Navy .44 Caliber
1860-61 Colt Ejector

1860 Colt Army Ejector also fits the 1861 Colt Navy

2 Step Hands for Uberti or Pietta revolvers

two step hand front
two step hand back

This Kirst 2-Step Hand is specifically designed to improve the lock up of Uberti or Pietta percussion revolvers converted with 5 shot Kirst Cartridge Konverters. It allows the 1860 Army, including the .45 caliber 1851 Navy Model and the Dance revolver, to function smoothly and more dependably than the factory-made hand. In addition, this Kirst hand spring is stronger and less apt to fail, which is common with the factory hands.

NOTE - Uberti 1860 Army owners: This product will also successfully solve problems with advancing and locking up the cylinder, which are inherit to all Uberti 1860 Army Model percussion revolvers made after 2015

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