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saber river

Kirst Konverter, LLC introduces our first Limited Edition Konverter Set, the Saber River. This conversion set was inspired by the 1860 Colt Army conversion revolver that Tom Selleck used in the movie “Last Stand at Saber River.”

Our Saber River Konverter Set features a hand-engraved conversion cylinder in .45 Colt, along with a matching ejector assembly, which is also hand-engraved in the same style as the conversion revolver used in Last Stand at Saber River. This 1860 Colt Army conversion set can convert Pietta reproductions into a .45 Colt Centerfire Revolver.

The Saber River conversion set includes:

  1. Hand Engraved 1860 Colt Konverter
  2. Hand Engraved 1860 Colt Ejector Assembly
  3. Warranty & Instructions

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Saber River Konverter Set numbered
Saber River Konverter
ejector and plug

When you purchase any of our Konverters, you always have the option of ordering your Konverter to be installed by us, which includes checking the timing and cutting a loading port in the side of the frame; so you can open the gate on the Konverter ring to load and eject cartridges. The other option is to use a Dremel tool to grind a loading port into the frame yourself. Step-by-step instructions can also be found on our FAQ’s page.

Start by removing the loading lever screw and lower the lever to slide out the two separate pieces. Then remove the barrel wedge and barrel; slide the ejector housing into place, insert the metal plug so the bevel matches the frame, and secure it with the Allen screw. Next, half cock the revolver, swap out the percussion cylinder with the Kirst Konverter, reinstall the barrel, and you’re ready to fire cartridges from your converted Cap & Ball revolver!

The Saber River Konverter Set is made to work with Pietta replicas of 1860 Colt Army revolvers. Our five shot 1860 Army Konverter was designed with safety notches between chambers, so you can safely carry five rounds of .45 Schofield /.45 Long Colt ammo; plus it is SASS legal for Cowboy Action Shooting matches. It will accommodate .45 Long Colt cartridges, if the bullet is seated at 1.58 inch or slightly deeper. The ammo must be loaded with lead bullets and a low-pressure, powder charge equivalent to black powder loads.

The SAAMI specification for overall length for the .45 Colt is 1.600 inch. The longest OAL that 1860 Pietta cylinder will accept is 1.58 inch. Some modern Cowboy Action Shooting ammunition may fit, check before ordering different brands of ammo.

All Kirst Konverters carry a lifetime “No B.S.” warranty, plus they are made with pride in the good, old U.S.A.

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engraving close-up
ejector installed
loading gate