Universal Ejector Tool for .22LR to .45LC that attaches to your holster

If you want a simple way to eject your spent cases, check out the Universal Ejector Tool. It comes with a tool holder that has a self-adhesive Velcro strip, so it can easily attach to the back of your holster. It keeps the ejector tool right with you and in reach when you are at the range. The tool works on all calibers from .22LR to .45LC and it’s barely visible from the front of the holster.

Front view of Ejector in holder

front of ejector tool


Back view of holder with Ejector Tool

back of ejector tool


Velcro back can be applied anywhere you want on your holster.

ejector tool velcro applied on holster


Ejector Tool and holder attached to the back of a Dance holster.

ejector tool attached to holster by velcro


front view of ejector tool on holster

The Ejector Tool can barely be seen from the front of the holster.

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