Replacement Stainless Steel, Percussion Cylinder for Ruger "Old Army"

Ruger Old Army
Ruger Old Army
Ruger Old Army

If you own a Ruger Old Army® revolver this is your chance to buy an easy to care for Stainless Steel, Percussion cylinder for a quick additional reload, or to replace your existing cylinder. These replacement cylinders are CNC machined in the USA by Kirst Konverter and are the same sturdy and reliable quality that you have come to expect from us.

This Stainless Steel .44 caliber Cap & Ball cylinder is machined to the exact dimensions as the original “Old Army” cylinder. It is interchangeable with the original percussion cylinder in your Ruger Old Army® revolver, plus our cylinder comes complete with the threaded nipples installed. Like the original Percussion cylinder, we recommend using a .457" diameter ball to achieve a better chamber mouth seal and improve accuracy.

These 6 stainless steel, replacement nipples are CNC machined in the USA by Kirst Konverter. They will fit the Ruger Old Army, Cap & Ball cylinder and are to be used with Black Powder loads only.

Ruger Old Army cartridge conversion cylinders: blued/stainless steel.

Ruger Old Army

A Kirst Konverter can convert your Ruger Old Army to fire .45 Long Colt and .45 Schofield, Standard Pressure and Cowboy Action ammunition. Do not use +P ammo or any other high-pressure ammunition. Note: The use of jacketed ammo may cause slightly more wear to the bore of the barrel than using lead bullets.

Convert your Ruger Old Army® to .45 centerfire cartridges and keep the same high caliber of accuracy you expect from your Old Army revolver. The .44 caliber Cap & Ball revolver barrel is machined with the exact same bore dimensions as the current .45 caliber centerfire revolver. The Ruger Old Army® bore diameter is actually .452" nominal, which is the same as the .45 Long Colt bore. Therefore the barrel of your .44 caliber Cap & Ball revolver (Ruger Old Army® or '58 Remington replicas) will accurately shoot .45 Long Colt/.45 Schofield.

Although for shooting Cap & Ball rounds in the Ruger Old Army®; Ruger recommends using a .457" diameter ball to achieve a better chamber mouth seal and improve accuracy. The greater force that is required to seat the larger diameter ball is easily handled by the sturdy loading lever on the robust Ruger Old Army®.

Add a Kirst Konverter to your Ruger Old Army®

  • Converts to .45 Long Colt/.45 Schofield
  • No major gunsmithing or F.F.L. required
  • It's like having two guns in one, twice the fun
  • Blued or stainless steel, to match your revolver
  • Kirst Konverter® lifetime "No B.S." warranty
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